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Many of the older swimmers and divers are willing to help transport the athletes from the high school to East Woods. They all seem to work this out some how. This sometimes can be limiting due to how many athletes that have the last period of the day off vs. the number of athletes that need a ride

An option offered by the school is to take a bus to East Woods. Daily after school practices: Athletes are welcome to take bus #48 leaving at 3:10 from the food service turnaround .

Early morning practices (East Woods to High School): Generally there are enough available drivers to take the swimmers to school. JV Wed. am practice: There are limited number of drivers available to the younger athletes. It is suggested to make arrangements for your athlete to get to school.


This year is even more important for kids to stay healthy and one of the best ways is to get a flu shot.  I recommend that kids get a flu shot prior to HS season since we compete in the winter.

The last thing we want is kids getting sick during season when they are working so hard.

Here is the Centers for Disease Control website to get info;

This is a good starting place for parents who would like to get more answers. If people have more questions they could call the local health department and/or talk with their family doctor.

The school district put out a newsletter late Aug. about how they are preparing and it gives very good info from the school district and School Health which is part of Akron Children's Hospital.

Remind your children to wash their hands regualarly and to use and hand sanitizer (like Purell) after using the finger scanner at lunch and anytime during the day to keep from getting sick.

Note - the information below is for the REGULAR flu since the H1N1 vaccine is not out yet.

CVS - "Minute Clinic" associated with the Cleveland Clinic.
Twinsburg North on Rt 91.  Saturday hours are from 9:00-5:30

 Wal-greens "Take Care Clinic"
Solon on Rt. 91 and Cuyahoga Falls on State Rd.  Saturday hours are from 9:30 - 5:00

Be sure to call ahead to see if they are closed for a lunch hour.  They take most major insurances.

The Hudson Discount Drug provides the Nasal Mist for minors - not the shot.   Since it takes about 2 weeks to take effect now is a great time to get it - there aren't any availability issues.

Thanks to Karen Crane, Tina Bair and Katie Cartwright for contributing this information